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Artful Dodger Jeans

You know streetwear, but not like Artful Dodger. U.K. artist and designer Scott Langton, formerly of Sean John and Ecko, is the creative visionary behind Artful Dodger, and he's gathering quit a following.

Inspired by the Oliver Twist character, Langton's Artful Dodger is a roughneck ringleader patrolling pulp dreamscapes of perpetual strife and mischief that inspire the embroidery and print that cover everything from blazers to tees. Artful Dodger earns its street cred through quality fabrics, solid construction and storytelling illustrations.

In the latest issue, Artful Dodger leads his motley crew of loyal misfits, a.k.a., The Cutter Lads, from mayhem to paradise on the shores of the Bishop Islands. For Spring '07, Artful Dodger captures the island romp with vibrant color and tropical flora.

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