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Our bags are the highest grade available in the market, we guarantee that. We have the best Quality and service for designer replicas available on the internet.

All of our Replica handbags are made with the highest quality materials, including genuine cowhide, sheepskin. The best quality that you can find in replica handbags are here. Our replicas are identical to the original ones including in size, material and quality.

Don't be deceived by lower priced replicas. They are mainly "rubberized" cheap imitations. Our bags have the look, feel and smell of the real thing. Every replica bag we carry, is the finest quality replica available.  We literally scour the planet, and we will not sell anything less than perfect! The stitching is perfect, the markings are all correct and the workmanship is absolutely superb.

Our Designer Handbag Replicas come with dustproof bag and tags just like the real ones, they also have the leather tag on the interior and even serial number as the originals.

All products are similar to the originals unless specified otherwise. Although our products are comparable in style and quality to the original name brands, we DO NOT represent them to be original, nor do we represent that they are exact copies. Therefore, they do not violate any copyright laws. Any reference to brand names or "compare to" are made strictly for comparison purposes. We are confident that you will be pleased with our exceptional products.

Louis Vuitton 

1.       Surface: Louis Vuitton specialized colour changing leather.

2.       Handles are made of an entire stripe of natural leather

3.       When first purchased, the handle is light tan in color; over the course of a few weeks, it will darken into a honey color over time.

4.       Yellow stitching on the handle is clean and consistent

5.       Zipper pull is made of brass hardware, is heavy to touch and "LV" symbol is neat printed on it.

6.       Side of handles are shiny, glazed red

7.       Accessories: Louis Vuitton original product number and instrument. 


1.       Leather: imported first class sheepskin  

2.       Tailoring: clean and consistent stitching 

3.       Metal: high quality hardware with long term shine

4.       Accessories: quality card, product reference number, care card, dust bag and gift bag.


1.       GUCCI specialized surface, waterproof, heat-resistant. Black material is reflective.

2.       Leather: high quality imported leather.

3.       Zip: high quality imported GUCCI zip.

4.       Metal: GUCCI specialized metal.

5.       Under Layer: waterproof, floss cloth, canvas.

6.       Accessories: quality card, product reference number, care card, dust bag and gift bag.


1.       Leather: imported leather with high luster and nice feel, available in various colors.

2.       Tailor: clean and consistent stitching 

3.       Metal: high quality hardware with long term shine.

4.       Accessories: quality card, product reference number, care card, dust bag and gift bag.


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